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Education then and now

on Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:55 pm
Hello everybody I haven’t heard any activity lately on our blog so I thought I would start a new topic and hope that I would get some participation first off I would just like to say I know it’s a honor to be here and I’m still looking forward to learning a lot And from are discussions I was just wondering if anybody had anything to say on the topic of education how we were taught as kids Elementary school middle school high school back then and if we could change anything about that what would it be? For me I know that as soon as I graduated being that I was always pretty much on my own from a young age School never taught me any of the basics of life How To manage money how to manage a checking account How to apply for loans how to properly maintain credit score basic things like this I think are very important and we should be taught at a young age that’s one thing I would change about my education growing up I think it would’ve better prepared me for my young adult hood And talking to others that I went to school with agreed with the same thing it was pretty much hard knots right out of school That’s Is a guaranteed success rate but if I could choose any easier way like the knowledge of how the real world words it would’ve helped !
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Re: Education then and now

on Thu Nov 30, 2017 2:40 am
When I was in school I suffered from mental health problems and no one knew anything about this problems. My teachers made it harder for me. I couldn't concentrate on studying and all they did was acting like I was trash even tho they all knew I had talent. Also my classmates used to bully me because of that and some other issues. At that time I was discovering my sexuality and gender. I was a little different than others and they noticed so they didn't want to be friends with me. I now get it that they were so young, even I myself was confused about the situation but the thing is that we need to study psychology in school and learn to accept people who are different than us. Mental health awareness is also an important topic.
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